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Training ˅

Registered as a training provider at the Industrial Training Council (ITC), Federation of Egyptian Industries, under the Nr. (L- 50116),

Ready for performing tailor - made training courses covering the topics:

* Metallurgy for non- metallurgists,

* Metal inspection and testing,                                                                

* Metal failure analysis,

* General and protective maintenance and applied maintenance systems,

* Reverse engineering,                

* Health and safety,

* Welding metallurgy,                   

* Quality control, quality assurance and total quality management.    

* Steel industry,                              

* Secondary metallurgy,                              

* Cleaning of Steel,        

* Continuous casting of metals and alloys,                                                           

* Melting, pouring and casting of Aluminum,

* Metal forming:

[cold& hot rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing & deep drawing, centrifugal casting].

* Casting,                                                                                           

* Technology of cast iron and ductile cast iron,  

* Heat treatment,                                                                          

* Inspection and testing