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-   References˅


* Consultant for the Egyptian Co for Steel Products, Cairo, Egypt, 2010

* Consultant for the Egypt Japan Steel Works Co (EJSWCO), 10th Ramadan, Egypt, 2009.

* Egyptian Government & European Union, SDP (Skills Development Project), Consultant, Cairo, Egypt, 2007.

* Egyptian Government & European Union, TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training), Consultant, Cairo, Egypt, 2007.

* METAD Group (Ayad rod mill plants), Gap Analysis, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt, 2006.

* LINDA for Pipes (steel welded pipes), Consultant, 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt, 2001.

* SAMPO Metals (cold forming of steel rods), Consultant, 6th of October City, Egypt, 2000 – Now.

* Yuan Gang Industrial Co (foundry), Consultant, Taiwan, 1999 – Now.

* Qingdao Northern Steel & Pipes Co. (centrifugal casting), Consultant, China, 1998 – Now.

* SEMAF, Inspection of imported steel sheets and evaluation of the severity of corroded sheets, Egypt, 1997.

* Misratah Wire Drawing, Improving the insulation process of heat treatment furnace, Libya 1996.

* DASHCO (fire extinguishers), Design of heat treatment line, Abu- Dhabi, 1996.

* MEFLI (water treatment units), Design, erection & start up for glass coating line, Egypt, 1995.

* AYA Group, Design of ball and diaphragm valves, Egypt, 1995.


* Emirates Steel, Metallurgy of Steel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012.

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* Qingdao, Quality improvement project, China, 1998- Now.

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= Technology of metals and alloys casting,

= Quality Concepts,                                                        

= Total quality management.

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= Technology of metal forming.                                

= Technology of metals and alloys casting & welding.

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= Technology of aluminum industry,                      

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